Where do you get your video ideas? Also hi, I'm new here.

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Hello everyone,

Just wanted to start by saying I'm a mediocre (at best) Blender artist that used to use Blender's camera tracking feature until I discovered CameraTrackAR, which is just infinitely better. When I first downloaded it several months ago, I had a lot of trouble with it that I couldn't get around. However, as of yesterday, I figured it all out (ask me about it if you're having trouble too), and now I'm having a great time importing my camera tracks into Blender for cool visual effects. Already made two short videos that I'm quite proud of.

Anyway, I came here to ask about ideas. I'm not asking for specific ideas because that wouldn't be fair, sustainable, and honestly, I probably wouldn't like them because I'm very picky. But I'm wondering how you get inspired or what your brainstorming process is like. I tend to constrain myself with the tools available to me in a sort of backwards way. I'm not limited by them, but I'm limited by my insisting to show off everything they can do. For instance, if I'm doing a camera tracking VFX video, I feel obligated to have lots of camera walking and moving in order to make the camera tracking worthwhile. Likewise, I feel like I should have real people in my scenes because that's something that I couldn't just animate in Blender and makes the fact of using live action footage more substantial.

I'm eager to do a few kinds of video projects in the future, all of which would involve camera tracking. I want to make short spooky videos of monsters (that's the category my last two projects fell under), I want to make some kind of repeatable and continuously deliverable series with a consistent and easy-to-implement gimmick, and I also wouldn't mind making a more ambitious project like a short film.

Also, if anyone has all the ideas and none of the skills, I would love to collaborate with you!