Hitfit express keeps crashing

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I've just downloaded hitfit express and started a project, after working on it for around an hour it crashed so I restarted it. However, it started crashing again around a min in everytime I restarted. I restarted my laptop as well and the issue is still there, quite frustrating.

My specs are as follows:

Intel i5-8300H 2.30GHz 8GB ram and 64-bit Windows 11


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    @tddavis well... My sister in law is a Microsoft dev, and, in conversations with her, she's confirmed a few things I've long suspected.

    1) Microsoft isn't wonderful at getting out dev kits. Those tend to lag a version or two behind. Once an OS is mature, this doesn't matter as much, but it's always a bad time when a new "Full Number" update is released.

    2) Microsoft corporate culture is to set a release date and ship on that date, whether or not the product is actually ready.

    3) An example of the prior two points is the initial release of Windows 10. On first release Windows 10 shipped with no printer/fax/scanner drivers at all. Win 7/8 drivers did not work on Win 10. Anyone who immediately updated to Windows 10 was unable to print/scan/fax until the makers of the devices had new drivers written. This took several months.

    Anyways, FXhome is working on it.