Best camera w/ 4K capabilities under $1,000?

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Greetings everyone. Right now I'm in the market for a new camera that has the 4k capability enough to where I can shoot for about 15-30 minutes. I'm not sure if I should wait until September for back to school sales, but I currently have $1,000 saved up for a camera, and maybe another $100 for a lens, so I was trying to find a kit for under or around $1,100 total. Just wondering your guys opinions or thoughts. Thanks!


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    Hi @pleiniekei welcome to the FXHome forum :)

    I'm a Sony user, so I'm unsure about other manufacturers options. Are you planning on shooting with some color profiles like S-Log? If so, I'd recommend the Sony a6400. It's now at €1100 on Amazon and comes with the kit lens (16-50 with variable aperture, a bit crappy lens but might work for some use cases). The a6400 is an outstanding camera for the price it has. Really good for its price. It shoots 4K 30 fps and 1080p 120 fps.

    If you don't plan on shooting with color profiles like S-Log, I'd go into the Sony a6100, which also shoots at 4K 30 fps but lacks the capability to record log footage.

    The price difference between those two models is quite narrow, so I wouldn't recommend you to buy the a6100 if you have a budget over a thousand dollars.

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    @pleiniekei I have a Panasonic Lumix GH4 and though it's not the latest model it will shoot 4K all day long (i.e. as long as you have battery life and space on your SD card). I've shot 30 to 50 minute interviews with it in 4K and never missed a beat. You can find a used one under $600 US on the internet.

    Or go a step up with the G7 - still about $600 on Best Buy or Amazon.

    Sony is a good call, too.

    I also do a lot of B-roll and even some interviews with my GoPro Hero 8. Really impressed with the image quality and ability to run and gun without having to worry about focus and you still have image stabilization. You can find one of those for under $300.

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    Hi @pleiniekei,

    I agree with Stargazer54's recommendation. Right now, I would also recommend the Panasonic G85 which also has in-body video stabilization, weather sealing, and an excellent 12-60 lens included for around $700.

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    I think the Sony a6xxx series or the Panasonic Gh4 are your best bets if you want an interchangeable lens camera. The Panasonic G7 is a good option or you might find a GH5 just barely in your range on a post-Xmas sale.

    There are also a whole series of point and shoot cameras in your price range which shoot 4k. In general, the advantage of a point and shoot is you'll be able to get a ridiculous zoom range in a single integrated unit - I'm talking things like 24-2000 or 3000mm zoom range. That goes from a nice wide panoramic range to filling the shot with a quarter of the moon. The disadvantage of the superzoom point and shoot is physics of optics requires a smaller sensor, so you'll have a more grainy image and less low light support. Generally, you'll also have a smaller aperture (worse low light, again) than a changeable lens canera. Still, look at the Panasonic Fz range or the Sony RX range or a Nikon P1000 if a point and shoot super zoom sounds good.

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    @laconstantedeplanck @Stargazer54 @Manhit @Triem23
    Thank you very much for the suggestions.
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    I'm shooting a documentary around sport, and needed multiple cameras to catch the action. I've now got three used GH4s (and a new GH5) and boy do I like them. For about £400 each, I think the value is immense. Only problem I had was needing to get lens adapters for my Canon lenses. That bumped the price up.