Is it possible to put an element temporarily into the foreground in Hiltfilm Express

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Hi all,

I would like to know if it is possible to temporarily put an element into the foreground in a composite shot, although the element is lower in the rank of inserted elements, meaning that the elements above it are in the foreground and hide this specific element. I don't want to put it permanently into the foreground of certain elements, but just for some specific time slots. It this possible? If so, would you mind telling me how to do this?

I'll appreciate every answer.


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    @vanny_f Maybe this illustration will help explain splitting the media clip.

    Say you have two clips on the timeline.

    And you want Clip 2 to go "behind" (below Clip 1) at some point in time. Move the cursor to that point and use the Cut tool to split Clip 2.

    Then drag the newly split off Clip 2 below Clip 1.

    As for 2D vs 3D. It doesn't matter that your animation clip is "2D", it is still a layer in the composite shot and can be treated as a 3D plane. You can switch between making a layer 2D or 3D by clicking on the checkered square next to the clip name. Or right click on the clip and select Dimensions from the pop up menu.

    Once your clip is put into 3D mode you can think of it as now mapped onto a card that you can scale, rotate and translate in 3D space.

    Even without doing any rotation or scaling, you can push a clip backwards or forwards by changing the Z value (the third value on the right of Position in the Controls panel).