Image to fit green screen

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I have country scene file with a green screen advertising board in which I want to insert an image.

The problem is that the image is too large to fit in the board. Is there a way to edit/ resize the image in post.


  • Stargazer54
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    @HitFilmer28449 Right click on your footage and create a Composite Shot. Drag your image from the Media Bin as a layer on top of the layer that contains your video. Go to the Controls Tab and use Scale to size your image to fit. That is the basic idea.

    Your image will likely need to be positioned and perhaps rotated to properly fit the advertising board. Right click on your image layer and change the Dimension to 3D Plane. Say yes to adding a Camera as this is needed to work in 3D. Back in the Controls Tab you will now have Position and Rotation values for X, Y, & Z. Using those you can reposition the image to fit the board in the video.

    If the advertising board is actually set up as a green screen then you will want to put the image "below" the video layer and apply the key to the video layer. However you will probably still need to do the positioning steps described above.