Hitfilm Chroma Key vs Boris FX Primatte Studio

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Both say they are the best keying in the world. Which of these two is better?




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    I'm a big fan of Mocha (a product also from Boris FX), but I haven't tried any of their other products, so I can't tell which one is 'better'. But I have to say with Hitfilm's Chroma Key effect you can achieve professional results in no time. It's super easy to use and very powerful. I always go with it instead of the Greenscreen Key preset, and it always provides me excellent results. The tutorial you've linked is wonderful by the way.

    IMO the chroma key effect just with the matte cleaner and the spill removal effects is a must in every workflow involving a chroma, and the results are outstanding if the footage has been recorded with some good practices in mind (ie good lighting, separation between subject and chroma, etc).