Removing black bars from video

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I have an issue with video from some phones that have black bars on the top and bottom. I have tried to transform and then fit to frame. Makes it better but still. I have dragged them to enlarge them but have to be careful not the screw up the ratio. I know that you might be able to only fit it so much without the frame fitting the entire screen but not sure if I can get closer. Any thought? I have attached a pic of the issue. This pic was already transformed . Thanks in advance


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    The only way I know how do do this would be to go into the scale properties on the y axis up. It looks like a zoom call so it most likely doesn't move, you could duplicate the layer and have one masked around one lady and the other masked around the other lady. Then position the two on top of each other to make a full screen aspect ratio.

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    Yea I think I know what you are saying what is hard is they have like 5 sort clips that are broken up so I would need to do that will every clip then and not sure if each one would look similar. I will give it a shot. Thanks