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How do I transfer HitFilmPro from my old laptop to my newer PC or is it a case of purchasing HitFilmPro again on my new PC ?. be gentle but I am 70 and starting to loose my marbles 🤪

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    If you have Hitfilm PRO you can install on up to three machines at once. Just go ahead and install on your new machine. If you want to edit on both - maybe you're exporting project A on machine X and start editing project B on machine Y - then leave both activated.

    Otherwise, on your older machine, open Hitfilm, go to the File Menu at the top left of the interface and select "Options." In Options find the "Activations" tab. From here you can deactivate your license on that machine.

    Your third option is FXhome.com/account. From this page you can deactivate (useful if you have hardware failure and can't deactivate directly from your computer), get your serial codes and Installers.

    Hope this helps!