Split a Project into smaller parts

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Hi, I am creating a rather large project (currently a 50-minute editor timeline, with 160GB of content in the project folder).

Most of my work so far has been trimming video-clips (gameplay-footage) and setting them up in the Editor to match the music.

I am just now experiencing issues with Hitfilm crashing because my dedicated GPU memory usage is hitting its capacity (8GB RAM). I now wish I had created separate projects from the start, so that I didn't have to load the entire project each time I'm working on a part of it.

Do I have any options besides upgrading my GPU? I mean; is there any way I can choose to load only a part of the editor timeline? As far as I understand there's no way to copy my work in the Editor timeline to another project, so I guess it's too late to try and split my project into smaller ones. Unless I want to do all my work over again (many, many hours of work).


Is it possible to either

a. Load only part of the Editor Timeline to avoid overloading GPU RAM on large project

b. Copy parts of the Editor Timeline to other Projects


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    My timeline cache had 175GB in it. I deleted my timeline cache (from Options => Cache => Delete Timeline Cache), and now I have all my RAM back!

    I turned off "Create timeline cache in background", and will now be manually generating cache whilst watching that cache size.

    Delete this if you want, or leave it for others to see.

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    @duckluck Good job troubleshooting!

    It is highly recommended that 'Create timeline Cache in the background' to toggled to off for best performance.

    You can always manually Create Timeline Cache by placing the slider in front of a portion of the timeline that contains an effect and hitting the little "plus" icon on the right side of the timeline to temporarily render just a portion of the project.

    But as you have found - regularly clearing the Cache is a good idea.