Exporting Disaster

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I've always worried about updating, I updated not to long ago to the most recent version. Been editing for a while on the new version and didn't find anything wrong until I edited a paintball video, the camera used is a Gopro Hero 8 Black and the setting are Res: 1080p Fps: 60 Lens: wide view. When exported in YouTube 1080p HD preset in certain areas around the video edited or not it gets pixelated and grainy. Raw footage is nice and clean no problems at all. Still dabaiting on going back to my old version to see if it happens there to. 2 sets of pictures 1st one is edited 2nd one isn't

pc specs

GPU: Rtx 2070 super

Operating System and version: Windows 10 recent update

Ram: DDR4 32gb 3600

Drivers Up to Date

Gopro Footage off sd card

project Res and Fps: 1920x1080 60

Exported: Youtube 1080p 60 fps Preset h264

Hitfilm 2021.2 and updated to most recent version 2021.3 and checked still had the problem.

1st set

2nt set