Was there a fx black friday sale just i never got notifed?

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Hi everyone i was Was there a fx black friday sale just i never got emails through promoteing? Am sure they do it around the same time every year?


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    @GarethOwen Nope, you didn’t miss it. They decided not to do a Black Friday sale this year… as per staff member @OliThompson :

    “This year we won't be holding a Black Friday sale. While we realize many people in our community look forward to this sale, we're working hard on some big changes, making the software more affordable for all users across the board! Stay tuned for details!”

    Cryptic, but there should be some good stuff around the corner! As a side note, neither I or any of the other Mods and Ambassadors know what’s coming, so we’re all as interested to see what happens as everyone else.

    Also, there’s been plenty of speculation on the forum, but NOTHING other than the quote above has been confirmed at this point, so take everything you see with an ocean full of salt until we get the official word!

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    Not just looking forward to it but require it to offset the currency rate and conversion fees. Just missed out on the 2021.3 update by six days.

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    @Tigrestripe HF 1, 2, 3, 4, and 2017 (5) all released in November when FXhome did one major update a year. Add to that the Black Friday sale has always been their biggest of the year and it adds up to a LOT of update licenses - maybe more than half of ALL of them - just expired. With no Black Friday sale it's a good bet that the majority of those expirations are from users who are going to wait and see what happens.

    Now, Ambassadors and Mods (as @triforcefx said) don't really have special knowledge, so I'm speculating from public data, but my guess has to be pretty close, just from the timeline given above, so it's pretty risky of FXhome to not hold a Black Friday sale that likely generates a significant portion of yearly sales.

    So it's not something they'd do lightly.

    Which makes me confident that what they have planned for 2022 has to be pretty amazing, and - as FXhome has hinted - lower priced than whatever the old sale price must have been, since they KNOW people will be annoyed by the lack of a Black Friday sale. I'm looking forward to seeing what's new.

    That's my $0.17 (two cents, adjusted for inflation).

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    @Tigrestripe @Triem23 @triforcefx Ah fair enough. Yeah i noticed my licence expired a few days ago then i was like ah crap, as normally continue every year which see's me through. I must admit its pretty hardcore of them to skip doing it this year, everyplace i know did one lol

    I wouldn't say i was annoyed i was just surprised or a bit miffed from what i have heard. I think maybe a newsletter keeping us users up to date would have been nice or letting us know about the change or the reason why, I don't think that would have been much to ask for loyal supporters.

    I do wonder if it has something to do with being now apart of Artgrid and if its something they have had a say in? Which would be fair do's.

    Overall i do really love Hitfilm Pro. Am currently studying my MA in visual effects university at the moment so I have to use Houdini and Nuke for this current semester, but for a recent project i was allowed to use Hitfilm Pro which i did without question and for a number of reasons which i could list easy, I do wish i could use it more lol I think i am gutted that at the moment i will be missing out on any cool new updates really

    I am looking forward to what is on the horizons from FXhome in the up coming weeks and month :)

    What ever happened to Ignite or action pro also?

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    Not having a sale this year, thus forcing a bunch of expiration's, greatly enhances any upcoming plans for pushing a subscription based licensing model (i.e. "Making software more affordable!") or potential "synergies/integrations" with Artlist subscription product.

    Slow walking Windows 11 compatibility (which is now standard on most newly purchased windows PC's) is another way ("Subscribe so you can get a version that works with that shiny new Win 11 machine! Sure, you perpetually own an older version, but gee, bummer, those don't support Windows 11.)

    Would love to be wrong about this, but just sayin'...

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    @GarethOwen Ignite isn’t available for purchase at the moment, but it should come back bigger and better than ever, based on another quote from Oli:

    “We’re working hard on improving a number of things including the plugin tech, effect variety, quality, and support. Keep an eye on your emails for upcoming plugin news - you'll definitely be interested in what we're working on.”

    Action Pro got stuck in development hell. They were originally waiting for an update to one of the major components (Unity Engine, I believe), but that update took far longer than expected. Then they got caught up with other projects (like CamTrackAR). The developers have said that anyone with an Action Pro license will get the next version free, but we haven’t had any update on it since the Artlist acquisition. This makes the future of Action uncertain, however there is some hope for it, as Action is one of Josh’s pet projects so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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    @spyresca I think you maybe right with a subscription model but personally i hate that as i feel you never actual own the product of whatever it is as you are just renting it. Everything is subscription based these days and that's how business sustain there market vaule and income i suppose even though you are techicaly doing the same. I am sure FXhome once said they would never do this or get into this subscription based. I know things change as technology changes,

    I am still on window 10 and i am in two minds for windows 11 lol

    @triforcefx Ah fair enough, I am sure something great will defo come on the horrizon soon for it :) I wonder if anyone plugins will also work for nuke also or is that something that is to big to adempt?

    I understand its all about resources vs what is important to update and to build. I wish i could get camtracker but i have a Samsung phone so that's kind of sucks to be me lol

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    Can't wait to see what FXhome has coming next for HitFilm!

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    Changes, changes, chenges. Why i am not surprised...

    Becoming part of Artgrid wasn't something to get happy with for me. Getting a part of a big company always gets everything to one point - to reach deeper into our wallets. The bigger company, the more sophisticated methods. And yeah, you can get more stuff, but simultaneously there is one goal at the end - to pay more, and more often. And often you get stuff you don't need at all.

    I love HitFilm, you do a great job all the time, but I am not happy with the acquisition by Artgrid - a larger company means a stronger focus on maximizing the company's profit, which the customer always suffers from covered with marketing gibberish...

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    I am well aware of the history of Hitfilm. I purchased VisionLab Studio in 2006. I purchased Hitfilm Ultimate in 2011 and with the exception of two years, spread apart, I have updated or renewed my maintenance.

    I didn't do so this year because I could not. Just like the last two times. It was not because I wanted to, "wait and see." And quite frankly I probably wouldn't have been able to even if they had the Black Friday sale. It's fine, I accept it that's the way it goes. I was disappointed that I didn't receive a notice that my maintenance was ending but that too is on me for not keeping up.

    As for the what Artlist plans to do. If they plan on a subcription model where if I can't renew after a year and I can keep the version I have to that point, I'm still in. If they go the all or nothing model, I'm out. If it's something like how Magix has gone with Vegas then I'll wait and see what they cook up. As it is now and if I can scrape up the cash I'll renew as the current update would be good for me. Past that it will be wait and see.

    I'm 52 years old. I don't work in a professional capacity at this or any other software I use. I'm not married to any software but I do have experience in these matters. Truespace - Microsoft bought it, gutted it, $1160 AUD down the drain. Eon (Vue) bought by venture capitalists - all or nothing subscription and would have left me with a version that had a bit less in features and I was paying more upgrading each year then the subscription. Corel, bought by venture capitalists - still out on this one as I gave CorelDraw the flick but I still upgrade Paintshop Pro, for now and I used back when it was shareware with JASC. Magix - all good for awhile but now some features for Vegas 19 come only in the all or nothing subscription model. Vegas 18, the last version I'll ever have from them. Modo - upgraded several version but was priced out of it. That probably doesn't apply here as I think you can still get a perpetual licesne from them. Mocha Pro. I have version 4, I picked up the Version 5 OFX plugin through a deal here with FXhome at a price I could afford. I mostly use it for the removal module. Adobe, I'm sure I don't have to go into that one.

    There have been a couple more but the point is I do not do all or nothing subscriptions. That's me and I don't tell others what they should do. They can make up their own mind. I have seen maybe a handfull of people looking to the acquisition with dread in these forums. If it was 1000 or 2000 Artlist wouldn't flinch so it what I do or say.

    I don't follow rumours I only listen do official sources. What I think? It's 50/50 it could go either way. If it goes a way I don't prefer I move on with a fond farewell. I'm learning Blender anyway, it's quite a bit to learn but it's all good.

    My .03 cents (USD to AUD conversion)

    P.S. If your 2 cents was adjusted for inflation to 17 cents, what did you do? Time travel :)

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    @Tigrestripe you can choose if you want to buy Vegas as an upgrade perpetual, new perpetual, or subscription. And what does the subscription model give you that the perpetuals do not have? Text to speech, royalty free stock and mobile to timeline storage. That's it. Otherwise, if you don't need Boris Primatte, Vegas Stream or Soundforge Studio, the Edit version is just fine. It's exactly the same as the "Pro" without the additional addons. And the upgrade price from Vegas 18 is $107USD and comes with Sapphire Render 2020.

    There has been strong opposition in the Vegas forum if it goes fully subscription. I hedge my bets and have Resolve 17 Studio (paid) hoping that they will continue to keep the same business model with their software. No mention of subscriptions in their forum yet. They can subsidize their software with their hardware sales.

    My service for HFP ends at the end of this month. I will wait and see what happens next with the company before I do anything.

    I hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. The last update text file for HFP says this version, 2021.3, will be the last one that will have integration with Vegas. They better bring something really compelling.....