Losing After Effects plugin support

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It says in the version notes for 2021.3 that we are losing After Effects support in the next update. I guess that means I can't use my VideoCopilot plugins anymore. 😫


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    Incorrect. It will be Hitfilm 2022.1 where you can't use Video copilot plug ins anymore.

    Hitfilm dev @TheBenNorris wrote the following on Discord and Reddit.

    With new updates we are going to start removing and deprecating some features. This is mostly due to the fact that they are rarely used by users, but require a lot of development time to keep functioning. By deprecating and removing underused features we are able to spend more time creating other things you'll hopefully love

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    I probably worded it incorrectly but I did understand that it would not work in the next release and would still be functional in 2021.3.

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    Disappointing to be sure but understandable (I guess). Their business , their choice.

    I for one will stick to using the VC plugins with current or previous versions of HF Pro. In fact I see that VC updated all their plug-ins this week. I plan to download them all and test them with existing versions of Hitfilm Pro.

    I know that HF is not a 3D application but I do hope to see vast improvements with the native 3d model importer but I'm prepared to be disappointed as it may not be the teams focus.

    Part of @TheBenNorris statement is really short sited though..."By deprecating and removing underused features we are able to spend more time creating other things you'll hopefully love"

    Under used?? Not by me...but then I'm on an island by myself.

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    @GrayMotion You are not alone, sir. I too would like to see some improvement in dealing with 3D models in HF. HF was more of a compositing program early on, and what drew me to it in the first place. I was able to import 3D models, light and texture them and get almost immediate feedback instead of waiting on render tests from my 3D package.

    Understandable that FXHome has spent a lot of development time on improving the Editor. And they have come a long way. I just hope with more resources from the Artlist merger that the devs can get back to fixing some of the 3D issues that have been lingering for years.

    We'll just have to keep beating the drum.

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    Can we keep multiple versions of HF Pro on a PC? If so, then I suppose we can keep an older version for AE plugins.

    I really liked using the Saber plugin from VC but after playing around with the Neon Path effect, I can get similar results.

    I wonder how they determined which features were underused?

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    @Tkane18 only FXhome has all their data, but there was a user survey over the summer. Plus, of course, they have sales data.

    I don't have complete numbers, but I do know that over 90% of the users are on Express and most haven't bought add ons beyond an initial Pay-What-You-Want. From there I can estimate that fewer than 5% of the user base is on Pro.

    Right there that means AE plug ins and AAF import/export isn't used by 95+% of the users. I don't.

    Vegas integration only applies to Vegas Pro users. While this was in Express, we can assume the millions of users using free Express are NOT spending hundreds on Vegas Pro, so, again, something used by a small percentage. Again, as a Vegas editor I didn't use integration much. When loading a Hitfilm thing into Vegas Vegas had to create its own cache file - during which one couldn't edit. I found it better to let Hitfilm render while working in Vegas, then import the Hitfilm render. Additionally, the Vegas Post suite has Vegas Effects and Vegas Image, which are basically Hitfilm and Imerge. Removing Vegas integration from Hitfilm helps differentiate Hitfilm and Vegas Effects, and Vegas users, of course, can bundle those via the Suite.

    "Hitfilm Pro" is a single program that installs over itself. The last version you can run alongside the current (v7+) Hitfilm is Hitfilm 2017. If you don't already have it, new licenses are not available.

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     @Gray Motion  I agree... Very strange... Bigger team less resources? Hm...

    They probably just gave up or are working on something/buying a similar plugin or think the current 3D import tool is enough and people should build the final assets/finish them, before importing them half done...

    In my case it's the exact opposite.. I'm testing the Pro Version to leave After Effects. I already left all Adobe programs... I use open-source (Ubuntu, Zorin, Debian, Kdenlive, Inkscape, Gimp, RAW Therapee, darktable, krita, Pencil 3D, Blender, Handbrake) and paid non-subscription software (Hitfilm Pro, DaVinci Resolve Studio, Fusion Studio, Fairlight Studio, HitFilm, Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo, Affinity Publisher).