How can I make a large turbulent displacement (horizontal&vertical) effect in Hitfilm Express?

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I have seen a few videos with these kind of effect and I was asking me how I could do this effect in Hitfilm. Has anybody an idea? I know this effect is for after effects but maybe you know an alternative option?


  • Triem23
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    Heat Distortion. More or less the same thing with a different name. There are Fluid, Energy, and smoke distortions as Add on effects, but, read on!

    Or, create a Composite Shot (call it "Displacement Map"), add a plane and add a Fractal Noise effect. Play with settings. You'll want to keyframe the SEED property and/or the Offset properties of the Fractal Noise.

    Create a second Composite Shot, drag in the Displacement Map Comp then hide it. You don't need to see it.

    Add a Displacement effect to the footage you want to distort and use the Displacement Map Comp/Layer as the Displacement Source.

    Both Ae Turbulent Displacement and the Hitfilm Heat/Fluid/Smoke/Energy distortion effects just use the same fractal equations as the Fractal Noise as Displacement maps. It's just, in the case of Turbulent Displacement and Heat(etc) Distortion the Displacement modifier is built in and you're never actually seeing the the underlying noise.