3d model tutorial

I'm trying something new to me and learning to work with 3d models in hitfilm pro. (I have the newest version).

1) Can someone link me up with a good basic tutorial about importing a 3d model and all the set up stuff you have to do with it?

2) I am working with a model from productioncrate. It does not have an emissive map that hitfilm is asking for but it does have a glossiness map that hitfilm is not asking for. Are these the same?



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    Best advice I can give is look at FXHome's and FilmSensei's Youtube channels and search for something like "lighting models" or "3d models"

    Here is a link to FXHome's search results :


    About materials:

    Emissive map is lights/glows-

    This is a bit confusing at first so I'll just leave this:

    I believe @FilmSensei might have a tutorial that would help. Maybe he can respond as well.

    As for Glossiness/Specular map -

    Describes micro surface irregularities. Black = Rough. White = Glossy

    The 2 textures you mention are completely different.

    I opened myself up here. @Triem23 might be along here to give you a much more detailed explanation. I can explain my processes but it would take 2 pages and I might confuse you. He can point you to specific tutorials as well as fill your head with knowledge about 3d models and textures in Hitfilm much more than I. Whatever you do don't use the term PBR with him...it really gets him going (in a good way) 😉

    My apologies for being vague in my answer.

    p.s -If you don't mind me asking what Production crate model are you using?

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    Thank you sir! I used a shipwreck model and ancient wall model. I tried to use an arrow model but it didn't work for some reason.

    I looked at Film Sensei and FXHOME'S youtube playlists but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for, So I figured I would ask here and someone might be able to put me onto something directly.

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    @digitalbaruch Can you be more clear about what you are having issues with? Is it just dealing with materials? The tutorial above with the helicopter should have covered that.

    For explanations on what the different material types do, I'll refer you to the manual. Go to Help, then Online Help to launch the manual in your browser. If you are working in version 2021.2, the section on Importing 3D Objects starts at section 6.19. 6.19.2 covers the material types and image maps. Not all material types use every type of image map. Phong is the most basic shader and does not use every type of image map. For most purposes Phong shading will get you by.

    The other question is what is the format type of the objects you are importing? HF supports lwo, .3ds, .abc, .fbx, .obj and .gltf. However, you may find that you have the best results with .obj.

    That said, how well the objects work or play well with HF really depends on the quality of the model - how well it is built, having no co-planar polygons, etc. (.i.e error free). While Production Crate is a reputable site to find models, there is no guarantee that they are error free or that all of the texture maps are correct or accurate. Getting "free" models from sketchier download sites will often mean that you will have to clean them up and fix errors yourself in a bonafide 3D modeling program outside of HF. You may have noticed that 3D models are often offered in multiple formats. That is because the original model has been run through a translation and exported to different formats for download. The translation process often introduces the errors I described above.

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    Not nearly as organized as a tutorial, but here's a long discussion on 3D model workflow in Hitfilm, including the material shaders.

    I think @FilmSensei split some segments of this off into separate videos, but here's the whole shebang.

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    @Stargazer54 Thanks for the advice. My main issue was complete ignorance on the topic. Playing around I figured some basic stuff out., especially imprting a few different models and realizing they all don't come with the same kind of maps. Thank you for the reference to the manual. I always forget about that resource.

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    @Triem23 Thank you sir! I'll check that out.