Is there a release date for windows 11 yet?

oogabooga2000 Posts: 14 Just Starting Out
all of the other video editors are bad or just difficult to use including DaVinci resolve.
I Can't wait any longer for windows 11 support on hit film. Is there a release date?


  • Triem23
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    Long answer: FXhome doesn't comment on new features or release dates before new versions are released.

    Short answer: No clue.

  • triforcefx
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    You could try running HitFilm in Windows 8 Compatibility mode. This video shows how to enable it.

    Let us know if this works, as it could be useful to other users.

  • oogabooga2000
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    didn't work for me, some options on the video weren't seen on my point of view, so this did not work.
  • simple_earth_org
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    Month + later...

    same boat. Not commenting on plans of releases is a little slap in the face. Come on guys, just some comms, an idea or thumb suck is better than sitting there gleeming at forum posts. We are stranded here :(

    We are loyal users of HF, not just fans :)

  • Triem23
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    @simple_earth_org in the past FXhome has announced releases well ahead of time and found press said things like "coming soon," but then given no coverage to the actual release. There have been times where a release was announced ahead of time, then delayed - because FXhome will delay a release over a quality control issue rather than release something broken (as an FXhome beta tester I'll say there are new features in 2021. 2/3 I was testing back in July 2020, so, while bugs and issues happen, and are sadly unavoidable, I know for a fact FXhome does everything possible to hold very high QA standards).

    Even with there being no Black Friday sale last year, I'm convinced (but am speculating) part of that was because 2021.3 raised minimum specs for Hitfilm by two generations of CPU four generations of GPU, and from Win 8 to Win 10, and they didn't want a bunch of users with old/slow hardware or older versions of Windows to buy, discover they were now under spec, get angry and demand refunds. Instead this kinda became known through Express...

    Anyways, those are the reasons FXhome doesn't make announcements ahead of time. I don't necessarily AGREE, mind you, but it is a reasoned decision based on past events.

    Now, it's also public record FXhome is greatly expanding their staff, including tons of new developers, but these new people all have to be TRAINED. I suspect, after this bit of a delay, we're going to see a more rapid cycle of development and release as soon as the new programmers are up to speed and can really get into building software. In the short term, it kinda sucks, but, sometimes one has to slow down and regroup to set future progress, and I think that's what's happening now.

  • RoliKreis
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    Version 2022.1 has Win 11 support.

    Does anybody has experience with it on Win 11, is it stable?

  • triforcefx
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    @RoliKreis I’ve been using the new HitFilm on Win 11 with no issues that I’ve seen so far. It seems like it was a difference in how Windows 11 handled Media encode/decode, so it shouldn’t be a problem for the current release or any for the foreseeable future.

    For anyone wondering, there was a patch for Express released around April that should’ve sorted out Win 11 support, so if you prefer to stay on Express, that’s an option. You can download that final version on the support page for HitFilm Express.

  • Triem23
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    @RoliKreis on the blog page comparing Express and Free, the new Hitfilm is specifically listed as Win 11 compatable. Express - despite the April patch @triforcefx mentions - isn't.