Love In The MetaVerse - Stereoscopic 360 and 2D video.

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Hello campers lol! I mentioned these works on the request section of this forum, due to the fact I need Hitfilm to upgrade into the future or stereoscopic 360. I managed to work around the problem, via Vegas and Fx's Ignite plugs...but Vegas doesn't even do stereoscopic 360. And don't get me started about how to watch vids on-line. The bleeding edge.

So this piece I created in Blender 3d by creating 3 fractal balls that I animated. I then break the fractal balls down into their granular forms - in a not too dissimilar way to Jackson Pollock -the automatic - and with the light.

This would be boring, and indeed why I decided to go down the path of fractal art for my 1st VR work. I'd seen a few fractal works on Instagram...they looked pretty cool, but none had any decent sound. IMO, I should qualify. And because I come from a music composition and sound background - I created a framework to create a work where music, sound and vision act in concert...much harder than you may think when you have to create the work separately. It normally works out mind you, as I have been working this way for sometime.

The work started with a couple of piano chords and the idea of a couple talking about we're very small...the human race. This morphed into the two main characters of the piece Bob and Thelma. I then expanded this into two AI's or uploaded souls into The MetaVerse. If you can't beat them, as they say. I used this excellent free voice synth to create the dialogue. Think Stephen Hawkings. The piano chords morphed into a Pink Floyd type number with lots of loops created by using a great free Frippertronics plugin. Or as I like to call it Nebatronics. Ben spelt backwards.

As I was doing Love in The MetaVerse, I then realized I could expand the work into a 5 piece suite or The Metaverse Suite lol. With Clean MetaSex next...why not? lol. Perhaps Ai will create a form of meta's starting to sound like an adult version of Dr.Who. The 3rd movement, of which I have completed the music for, has the concept of Ai Beatles in the future. This is Strawberry Metafields, the 4th movement follows on from this and is A Day In The MetaVerse, and finally Death in The MetaVerse. As I say, if you can't beat em.

Enjoy!! 2D version stereoscopic 360 version