Limited video height? unable to make a vertical video

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I just got hitfilm and I can't change the size of the new project, I can only type 3 numbers in the "height" tab (it just doesn't let me type more), when using the arrows it maxes out on 1080. I need a 1920 x 1080 vertical project, but there isn't any vertical presets. Copy paste into the tab doesn't work either. No, the aspect ratio isn't linked.



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    Hitfilm limits vertical resolution based on your GPU and VRAM. This is an area that could use improvement - since Hitfilm always assumes you're making horizontal videos.

    Hitfilm EXPRESS has an absolute limit of 2160 in vertical resolution (3840x2160 UHD).

    Hitfilm also requires 2GB or more of GPU VRAM to create timelines with more than 1080 lines of vertical resolution. Therefore, I'm going to ask you to list your system specs - CPU, GPU, OS, RAM and Storage.

    All this will most likely do is confirm you have less than 2GB of dedicated VRAM and Hitfilm thinks your GPU isn't good enough to create a 1920 line vertical Timeline.