[FEATURE] Stereoscopic 3D for 360 videos

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I know I've read a discussion on these boards on the topic of adding 3D processing to Hitfilm. At the time, I didn't think much about it. Vegas could do 3D...funnily enough though, not 360 3D. After working on my 1st 360 3D 'experience' lol...apparently VR is not the correct term according to Vimeo, because 360 3D doesn't include interactivity, but after working on this project - I've now realised the importance of 3D and in particular for 360.

My 360 project is a fractal music piece - think The Beatles meets Pink Floyd, meets The Futurists meets Stephen Hawking lol. I've used Blender to create and animate the fractal balls, then in Vegas I've used various Ignite effects to break the fractals into granular versions. In 3D 360, it's amazing. I will post in the creator section. I have a monoscopic 360 for viewing as well, and even a flat version. It's been a nightmare to prep the files mind u, let alone YouTube and Vimeo still being a bit behind on this emerging form and medium. You can view the 360 3D vid on YouTube but Edge only gives a 180 view. You turn around and you get the full 360 but you notice this. Vimeo, I now realise needs top and bottom and not side by side 3D. Ugh. For work 1, I'm going to have to render a low quality version and offer as a download. Opensea...NFTs. I'm creating a 5 piece suite now...it's a metaverse suite lol.

Sorry, my point being we need stereoscopic 360. It is the future. If Hitfilm had this, it would have been less of a nightmare to complete 1st piece. And on thinking about it...multi channel audio support. To render ambix into the stereoscopic 360 final file.

I have a research degree in Fine Art and the moving image, as well as 3 other degrees in music and sound - so perhaps my credentials will lend some creadence to this request? Maybe lol.