Trapcode Particular and Hitfilm Pro

GrayMotion Posts: 1,598 Enthusiast

I have owned Trapcode Particular (current version is 4.1.5) for a few years and use with Hitfilm Pro. For the most part it works very well baring a few quirks like sprits and points (nulls). Recently I saw a comment from a forum users mentioning that Trapcode Particular can no longer be purchased separately but now has to be purchased within the full Trapcode Suite. IMHO that's a real bummer for user who just want Trapcode Particular.

Any how this sparked a question in my mind....So it appears the Trapcode still works with version 17.0.11715.56097 (2021.2) of Hitfilm Pro. I know that the HF teams cant say one way or the other about upcoming releases but maybe a slight hint....

Question - are there still plans to keep TC operationally functional with Hitfilm Pro in the foreseeable future?