HF Pro - New Project timeline (Photos)

CCCoder Posts: 23 Just Starting Out*

When importing png or jpeg files to a new project, would it be better to resize all files beforehand? In the past, when I right click of the file in the timeline and choose Fit To Frame, certain pictures will look blurry after exporting, is this because the pixel size was below 1920x1080p?


  • Stargazer54
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    Bottom line - you will want all your images to be higher rez than your project settings if you intend to zoom in/out (Scale) the images in the edit.

  • CCCoder
    CCCoder Posts: 23 Just Starting Out*

    Thanks, that's what I gathered as I read another post discussing the options. Going forward, I'll make sure my pictures are shot at the highest resolution on my cameras, including my video.

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  • assen
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    It is not a good idea to enlarge Hitfilm images above 100%. There are apps that do this quite well. If you don't have Photoshop, a very well working free alternative is Reshade Image Enlarger