Light Layer won't work

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Hello, I'm a bit new to Hitfilm, and I've been watching some tutorials. I came across one where it wanted me to add a Light Layer, but the light would not show, does anyone know why? By the way, I changed the playback quality to "Final". Thanks!


  • Triem23
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    First, make certain you have 3D photo/video/plane/text layers. Lights do nothing on 2D.

    Next, check your layer order. 3D layers render in batches separated by 2D photo/video/plane/grade layers. To illustrate, if your layers are.

    1. Light
    2. Grade
    3. 3D Layer

    The Grade forces a render before it reaches the light, whereas

    1. Grade
    2. Light
    3. 3D Layer

    Will work as expected.