Is there a way to make variants of composite shots that follow changes to the original?

I was wondering if there was a way to make variants of composite shots without having to remake them all if you want to make tweaks to the original. For example consider the following situation:

  1. You want to make multiple composite shots that are very similar but have small differences within them, (eg. multiple animated chapter title screens with the same effects but different text)
  2. You make 1 composite shot with the correct effects and animations, and make duplicates of the composite, applying small changes to the variants. So far it works.
  3. Later on you realize you want to make some adjustment to the original composite sequence, but now you have X amount of independent composite variants that you either have to recreate or apply the same changes to one by one.

I was wondering if there was any way around this situation, it seems like something that might come about pretty often.

From what I can tell you could embed the original in new composite shots if the variance you want is only adding effects that apply to the entire layer, but what about smaller changes that only apply to some elements within the original composite (like text or position of smaller elements)?


  • Stargazer54
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    @jokupervo There really is no procedural way (i.e. a programing subroutine) to manage composite shots. But if I understand correctly, you could split up the original comp into separate comps that are embedded in the main comp.

    For example, a comp for the background, a comp for the text, a comp for a grade layer, and so on - embedded as separate layers in an overall "parent" comp. Then if you need to change the text, you just need to update the text comp.

    Yes it is cumbersome but if you lay out your logic properly it can be a suitable workaround.