2021 Black Friday discounts

IainRennie Posts: 1 Just Starting Out*


Will there be a Black Friday campaign this year and when is it planned to start?




  • Stargazer54
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    As I understand it, there will be no Black Friday offering this time around. But keep your eyes peeled for future developments. Maybe we'll see something after the first of the year, but just guessing.

  • OliThompson
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    @IainRennie Thanks for reaching out. This year we won't be holding a Black Friday sale. While we realize many people in our community look forward to this sale, we're working hard on some big changes, making the software more affordable for all users across the board! Stay tuned for details!

  • spyresca
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    Subscription options incoming I'm guessing.

  • Tomatko
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    This.. :( but, if a perpetual licence is there (free with addons), then im fine.. But if it will be only about PRO version with subscription and nothing else.. NO :( But this is, how it goes nowadays.. BIG THINGS COMMING.. and only subscription :( which is a big letdown :(

  • assen
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    Is this the beginning of the end?

    Many people wait for discounts to buy software or add-ons at close to normal but still high prices. Now they are deprived of it. What they have left is to switch to another platform.

    The fact that the team is working hard and there will be big changes, in my opinion, is dust in the eyes.

  • Triem23
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    Gentlepeople, speculation is worth little and there's no point in doing a "OMG this means a subscription only model like Ae and they're gonna screw everything up."

    We'll see what happens, but, right now you're psyching yourself out.

    Even if a subscription model comes, there's precident for a dual sub/perpetual license model, ala Vegas Pro or Mocha Pro, which I feel is more likely the way FXhome would implement any kind of subscription.

    I doubt FXhome will "Go Adobe" on us and turn Hitfilm into a "rent-to-rent, pay us forever or we shut it off" product. Among other things, they know this would anger the user base and, if there's genuinely one thing FXhome does better than most of their competitors at, it's communicating with the community.

  • OliThompson
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    @spyresca @Tomatko Do feel free to speculate at this time - we won't be able to give any details but we appreciate that people's minds will wander. Our community is one of the things we take the most pride in here at FXhome - that isn't changing and anything we do is with our users in mind.

    @assen It's not the beginning of the end, no. We're not depriving anyone of purchasing the software - the decision to not hold the Black Friday sale is one that was thought about a lot. The reason for not holding that sale is that we're making the software more affordable in the very near future so I'd be disappointed to see people "switch to another platform" at this exciting time! I'm not sure what you mean by "dust in the eyes" but what we're working on is big, and it will be to the benefit of all users in the community, now and in the future.

  • MikeLyons
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    @OliThompson my Hitfilm Pro is coming up for renewal in about five days. Given your notes about something coming to make it more affordable, would I be better off waiting for this big change and just go without updates for a bit? Or alternatively, would it be better to renew and then maybe get some kind of adjustment?

    Love the software, BTW, and frequently recommend Express on Quora when people are looking for good free editing software, and hopefully some have seen fit to go Pro.

  • Tomatko
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    @OliThompson Im sorry, if it sounds rude or something. ... it was in a little past, that one of my go-to program write the same thing..."SOMETHING IS COMMING - IT WILL BE A BIG THINGS TO EVERYONE - STAY TUNED.. ".. What it was ? What a letdown in a comminity it was (and still is).. A subscription (which now they try to sell even on BF - why, when "everyone can have it now as it seems to be cheaper ?")... I know, it is a full stream of money.. and i will understand it ... but of course.. we will see what the future will bring.. i will be glad, if it wouldnt be true .. .

  • tddavis
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    @MikeLyons FWIW, unless an update comes out before the New Year and whatever is being planned comes to fruition there really is no benefit to renewal IMHO. It's kind of like hedging bets. I went about 4 to 5 months after my license ended one time waiting on the Spring sale figuring there would be nothing updated in that time, and if there was and I really needed it I was always able to renew then. Like I say, FWIW. Just my experience.

  • spyresca
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    Subscription models are often sold as "Making software more affordable".

    It's not "if" some kind of subscription model is coming. It's "when". Perhaps sooner that we thought?

    It makes no business sense to to allow people to renew perpetual licenses at a heavily reduced rate when not doing so can push them toward "More affordable" subscriptions.

  • Reyfox1
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    I'm at the point in my life where my editing needs have become more simple. My current perpetual software works just fine, and does what I want and way more than I can imagine. So I am "good" as far as editing goes. My update service for HFP ends next year in January. It will have to be a "killer" update, and more affordable price for me to consider upgrading.

    Vegas lowered the price of their perpetual licenses in addition to having a subscription, so I guess that can work.. Sadly, everyone is basically subscription based to some extent.