Message: the videoframe cannot be display

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I am getting the above message when I import a 1GB mp4 file. I have processed files larger than this without issue.

MediaInfo reports this:
MPEG-4 (Base Media - Version 2) 1.07 GiB, 19 min 1 s
1 video stream: AVC
1 audit stream: AAC LC
First video stream
English, 7 937 k/bs, 720*1520 (0.474). at 36.695 FPS, AVC (NTSC) [email protected]) CABAC/1 RefFrames)

First Audio stream
English, 128 k/bs, 44.1 kHz, 1 channel, AAC LC

Several other posts in this forum suggest that this is a regression in Hitfilm Express since previous version supported this type of encoding.
Any suggestions re: how to resolve this issue?

BTW: it sure would be NICE if you forum allowed a file (text, jpeg, png) to be uploaded.
ITs a REAL PITA typing in manually all the info from MediaInfom too easy to make a typo.


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    Also, in Hitfilm Express, if I click Properties on the mp4 file I get this info:
    Codec: AVC / H264 (8-bit 4:2:0 High Profile @ Level 4.2)
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    "The BTW: it sure would be NICE if you forum allowed a file (text, jpeg, png) to be uploaded. "

    It does. Look at the icons at the bottom of text entry window. The paperclip let me add this.


    I assume if I can upload a PDF I can upload a text file. There's also "highlight/copy/paste" from MediaInfo to the text window here.

    Other icons let you directly load pictures as online attachments (like below this paragraph), web links (like the YouTube video linked below), and use text formatting options like bulleted lists.

    Ok, that's the unimportant part, let's discuss your file.

    You haven't listed your hardware specs - CPU, GPU, OS, RAM and Storage - which could be relevant. Check your GPU drivers. That's always the first thing one should check. Note that Windows Update does not correctly find GPU driver updates due to vendor changes and the GPU Management software on your machine might not either - some OEMs block management software from accessing drivers the OEM hasn't approved. Drivers should be checked from the manufacturer's website.

    Your MediaInfo report has this little gem: 36.695 FPS.

    There is no such thing as a 36.695fps video file and this strange number means you have variable frame rate footage (VFR) . My guess is you THINK you recorded at 50 or 60 (59.94)fps, but that's not what was recorded. Some parts of your video are probably about 50/60 fps while others are much lower - maybe even less than 1 frame/second.

    Editors, like Hitfilm, work on a very rigid clock. 60fps MEANS 60fps as a constant frame rate (CFR). Let's assume you're trying to edit at 60fps. Hitfilm has to try to parse the constantly changing frame rate of your video and force it to match "60" by adding/dropping frames on the fly. "36.695" doesn't fit evenly into 60. Heck, neither do any numbers other than 30, 20, 15, 12, 10... Either way, Hitfilm doesn't like VFR.

    Depending on your settings you may have Hitfilm trying to set project frame rate to "36.695" which will make Hitfilm unhappy, AND you still have the issue of Hitfilm trying to parse a changing amount of fps into that odd frame rate.

    You'll need to use a third party program, like Handbrake (it's free) to convert your footage from VFR to CFR before import. This tutorial discusses that at 23:40, and has some tested setting to produce a file that handles well in Hitfilm.

    The rest of the video discusses how video encoding works, VFR issues and other software you can use to transcode.

    Note all phones and tablets record all footage as VFR and phone footage should always be transcoded. Many screen recorders like Windows Live and Shadowplay always record VFR footage and should be transcoded. OBS, by default, records VFR footage, but can be set to record CFR.

    The VFR is probably what's causing the problem.

    Aside from that, a difference between Hitfilm Pro and Express 16+ (anything after Nov 2020) is Pro uses licensed, third party encoders/decoders while Express uses the OS encoders. Recent issues with video encoding seem confined to Express which hints the issues may lie with the OS encoders. I beta test for FXhome and can say the devs are working on fixing these issues for the next release of Hitfilm. That's ALL I can say about a next version. Don't ask, I won't tell. 😉