Export quality problem to youtube 1080

PONTET Posts: 1 Just Starting Out

With the new version of Hitfilm, the quality of the experts for youtube 1080 is bad.

Does anyone have the same problem and a solution?

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  • Andy001z
    Andy001z Posts: 3,152 Ambassador

    Can you provide a bit more information on what you mean by bad? There are many factors at play.

  • ireosl
    ireosl Posts: 5 Just Starting Out*

    Same problem for me. I raised a support ticket. And switched back to 2021.1, which does not have that problem. My problem was not related to the whole exported file, but to a few parts where I had used the zoom in/out effect

  • littlehausbigcity
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    I know this post has not been updated but wanted to add that with 2021.2, and being slightly under spec (graphics card), it's technically the bottom of the specs, but uses Ferni for the GPU instead of Kepler, which takes it under and I have not had issues with exporting.

    We need more info, just saying it's not working is not cutting it. We need to know what graphics card and the rest of your system to get a handle on what is the issue(s).