[FEATURE] Score Bug Effect

HockeyInAlabama Posts: 5 Just Starting Out*

I edit game film with Hitfilm Express, and the group of effects it takes to make a score bug (graphic that shows teams, score, quarter/period/inning, and time) takes forever to setup. It takes me a minimum of three composite shots (four for clarity) that include an image, four text planes, and two grade planes (one that includes an effect and a mask). This is the lengthiest process of the whole thing at this moment. My vision is that there would be a Score Bug effect with the following control items:

  • Score bug image (main graphic)
  • Team 1 image
  • Team 2 image
  • Two scores which are increased by adding key frames in the composite for that item
  • Time that can be started and stopped by key frames for that item

I believe this could be fairly easy to develop, but I don't have the pro version to do it in OpenFX myself. So, I am here to ask for the feature. If I have not explained the graphic well enough, you can see an example in the top left hand portion of the video at the following link https://youtu.be/bqfxT_mdkUE?t=86