Need your help for a survey!

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Hey guys,

Hope you're all doing well! I used to frequent these forms back in the AlamDV days under stevodirector, but haven't a clue what the login is for that/if it's the same community chat.

Anyway, I'm part of an independent team that is working on a new video production management tool and we're trying to do as much research as possible with those in the industry.

We’re looking for Video Production companies, freelancers, self-shooters and brands to take part in a survey that will help shape and define a revolutionary online tool for anyone working in the commercial video industry.

As an independent team of Directors, Producers and Production Managers with years of experience, we’re creating a platform that will automate the workflow of commercial video production across all key areas. 

We need YOU to help us get an overall sense of how software is being used in the planning and management of video production. 

Take part in our short 4min survey to have your say and be entered into the shortlist for beta testing in early 2022. 

Any information provided can be anonymous. It will never be shared, sold or distributed in any way. Short list entry for beta testing requires your email address.

Data can be completely anonymous and will only take around 4 minutes to complete.

If any of you have the time to fill it out I'd greatly appreciate it!

Thanks in advance!