H.264 exports issues since last update

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Since the last Hitfilm Express update (which is a few months old I think), all my exports to 4K have issues. One or 2 moments display some terrible encoding/lagging for a few seconds. It also occures on 2.7K exports. Exports process end successfully, no error reported.

If I export several times, issue always occures at the same time, for the same export settings, but changes between 4K and 2.7K for instance. The only way I have found to avoid that is exporting at 2.7K with Constant Bitrate. Sadly, setting constant bitrate on 4K didn't help (it just make the probl occure at another time).

My exports had been working perfectly since a long time with the same presets. I have started noticing those issues since the last Hitfilm Update (but I cannot be sure it is actually the cause).

Here is an example of the issue. Problem occures between 0:04 and 0:10 :

Same video, but this time exported at 2.7K constant bitrate :

There is no lag, frames drop etc. It looks like the bitrate drops very hard for a few seconds on the first video.

Any idea of what might be happening ?

Thanks for reading :)

PS : original footage is from GoPro Session5, 2.7K 29.97 fps