When importing how do you change from HxW to WxH?

When importing videos (from Whatsapp and others), sometimes HitFilm imports with the Height and Width switched from how it should be played, resulting in sometimes the look of a "cropped" video, It looks like it imports it as WxH instead of HxW.

How do I change that please?


  • Stargazer54
    Stargazer54 Posts: 3,431 Ambassador

    @rigveda Set your Project Settings to the dimensions that match your vertical video. Also, you will need to use an Export Preset that matches the project settings. In the Export tab click the Presets tab (next to the Queue tab) and you'll see a list of presets. Most likely you won't see one for a vertical video format, so you will need to create a custom preset.

    For example, click and highlight the YouTube1080p HD preset, then right click to duplicate. The duplicate will now appear under User Presets (you may have to scroll down). Right click on the new preset and rename it. Right click again and Edit Preset. On the Dimensions category, uncheck the little chain icon (see the image below) that forces the the X (horizontal) and Y (vertical) values to keep the same aspect ratio.

    Then set your X and Y dimensions to the same as your Project Settings. Go back to the Queue tab and select your new preset to render with.

    Note that there is already a vertical Project Settings template called Instagram Portrait and an export preset also for Instagram Portrait that may work for you without having to create custom presets.