Flashing Black Screen in Preview & Export

JeremiahC Posts: 3 Just Starting Out*

Hello there! I already submitted a support request, and I see others are having a similar problem.

A couple of the MP4 files edited into my video start flashing black midway through (it's roughly 20 mins long). I wondered if it was just a project thing, but then I exported and it did the same. It's unwatchable.

The other files seem to be just fine. When it cuts to a different shot, they play smooth. The longer shots in which I'm doing commentary are cut into small increments from 20 minute long straight videos I filmed on my DSLR and imported to the project.

I checked the original files to see if they were corrupted, but they play fine all the way through. I tried opening another project and did most my edits, and the same glitch started midway through.

I tried reverting to 2021.1 , but my project can't be downgraded, so I'm stuck trying to figure this one out. I can't upload anything to my YouTube channel until I figure it out.

I already submitted a support request last week, and I'm just posting this in case anyone may have any insight that may be helpful. I haven't had problems before this latest update.

Processor   Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8300H CPU @ 2.30GHz  2.30 GHz

Installed RAM   12.0 GB (11.8 GB usable)

System type   64-bit operating system, x64-based processor

Pen and touch   No pen or touch input is available for this display

Edition   Windows 10 Home

Version   21H1

Installed on   ‎3/‎1/‎2021

OS build   19043.1348

Experience   Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.3920.0


  • Stargazer54
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    @JeremiahC Maybe I missed it but I didn't see your GPU listed. The old mantra still applies - make sure your drivers are updated, especially the GPU from the manufacturer and not Microsoft updates (which can literally downgrade your drivers).

    Other than that, you have done the best you can by putting in a support ticket. As you can imagine the devs are very interested in these fringe cases and are working diligently to get it solved.

    Just FYI, Ambassadors and Moderators are not FXHome staff and are merely users like you who volunteer on the forum. We have no inside knowledge and can only make recommendations based on user experience.

  • poitrektbg
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    Same issue:

    W10 Pro

    R7 3800X

    Asus TUF 3090

    Asus TUF x570 Plus

    32 GB Gskill mem

    Everything up to date.

    Issue found when edditing Elgato recording. MP4 file ~28GB VLC and standard Windows player did not have any issiues with it. HitFilm needed HEVC codec for Windows to properly see it (its not HDR content).

    I used VLC to convert it to h264 - I lost quite a lot of quality, but it's watchable now.

  • Stargazer54
    Stargazer54 Posts: 3,891 Ambassador

    @poitrektbg I would suggest putting in a support ticket - https://fxhome.com/questions/submit

    In the mean time, I assume this game play footage and probably Variable Frame Rate. Instead of VLC you might give Handbrake a try to convert to Constant Frame Rate. VLC and consumer video players don't really care about VFR and are designed as such for delivery of content. However, video editing requires frame by frame accuracy so converting to CFR is preferred.

    Get Handbrake here - https://handbrake.fr/

    How to use it here - https://youtu.be/kbsmEQwbtU8

  • JeremiahC
    JeremiahC Posts: 3 Just Starting Out*

    @poitrektbg & @Stargazer54

    It worked!

    I had just recently downloaded Handbrake too, for a completely different purpose. Now I know how to optimize it to my benefit. This is a good workaround for anyone who may be dealing with the same issue.