[ENHANCEMENT] Add a Keyframe timeline to the Editor timeline

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Sometimes you just want to make a really quick and simple animation for example just making a text change position one time and not want to make a whole composite shot for that. The feature to make Keyframes in the Editor timeline ist already available, but it would be way more convenient and time saving to have an ability to directly move the Keyframes as you can do in Composite Shots to to refine the Keyframes. So I would like the addition of a toggleable Keyframe timeline or somethng similar in the Editor.



  • Triem23
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    As you've noted, you can add and animate keyframes in the Editor. I'm not entirely clear what you're asking for.

    I think you're asking for the keyframe Timeline in the Editor to be moved from the Controls panel to the Timeline Panel and for a toggle to switch the Editor Timeline from "Track View" to "Keyframe View?"