Thanks for Ignite Pro 2021.1!

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I just want to thank the FXhome team for the work done on the Ignite Pro 2021.1 update. It is working very well paired with my NLEs. I especially appreciate the release since it appears Ignite Pro may be morphing into another product. I hope it gets the attention it deserves. Thanks again.


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    Really? Well, I am equally disappointed. Discontinuing Ignite before the subscription runs out is despicable. The so-called update does not work with FCP 10.6. Since that is my primary platform I have been SOL for some time now, unable to use the software. I hope FXhome at least offers a compensatory discount on their new product, although my trust wears thin on this company's user contracts.

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    @Manhit Thank you for the kind words, we're really pleased to hear you're enjoying the update.

    @Shrinktfit Sorry that you're not feeling positive about the update. Firstly, we’re not taking away your access to the product you own at all, you'll be able to continue using the software as before. If you're having trouble with certain effects then please do contact the technical support team directly so that they can look into this for you: While we have removed Ignite from the website at the moment, this is because we’re working hard on improving the plugin tech, effect variety, quality, and support. We can't give details on what we're working on but I feel certain that you will be interested in what is coming. Please ensure that you're subscribed to our newsletters to get the latest info - as an Ignite owner, you'll be the first to know:

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    @Shrinktfit forum Mods/Ambassadors don't work for FXhome - we're volunteers. I don't speak for the company, merely give my own opinions.

    You wrote.

    "Discontinuing Ignite before the subscription runs out is despicable."

    I'm afraid you have some unrealistic expectations there. Let's assume for the moment that someone purchased Ignite Pro the day before it was removed from the store. By your logic, FXhome cannot remove Ignite from the website for another 364 days. Eventually - with any product - there will be persons who purchase a product shortly before its discontinued.

    As an counter example we'll look back at Final Cut Pro. Remember when Final Cut Pro 7 vanished in 2011 for six months then Final Cut X released? At the time it was an utter disaster. It was $100 more expensive than FCP7, there was no discounted upgrade path, no support for any kind of standard-def codecs (or pre-2008 "legacy codecs,") and Final Cut X was unable to open project files from any prior version of FCP, and was unable to use plug ins from any prior version of FCP.

    The new released was derided as "iMovie Pro." Late Night talk shows literally did segments making fun of it, like...

    It actually did cause several companies to stop using Final Cut. After all, if you worked for, say, the Television Academy and you had to, say, put together a tribute reel for deceased actors and, say, had to comb through a lot of standard - def material, you weren't going to use the software that had no support for standard def capture cards or codecs. In fact, this is when Resolve started gaining popularity as an NLE. Blackmagic thanks Apple, I'm sure.

    But FCPX was literally a completely different product from FCP7. They shared no code base and, arguably, Apple should have just given it a different name.

    Well, the brand survived - you're using it ten years later.

    Two times in the 22-year existence of Vegas Pro changes to its core engine broke all third party plug-ins. Vegas 6 and Vegas 14. The plug ins were recoded, the brand survives.

    Adobe actually started shutting off all Pre CC licenses to force users to upgrade to CC. They did it to me and the University I worked for at the time. No, we weren't offered "compensatory discounts" for the annoyance of having CS6 licenses deactivated by the vendor. The brand survives (although Adobe DOES have Hollywood in the stranglehold of studios not wanting to be locked out of 25 years of project archives, so the VFX mafia isn't a good comparison, except to note FXhome isn't about to take away your software to force you to upgrade... A point I'll revisit later.)

    Windows 10, famously, changed the way it handled printers. Win 7/8/8.1 printer drivers didn't work in Windows 10, and Windows 19 shipped without ANY printer drivers. You can imagine the chaos this caused for months. For Windows users who upgraded to 11? That was their mistake.

    Dropping out of computers to drones for a moment, DJI has just released the Mavic 3 - just in time for holiday shopping. Of course the current Mavic 3 is crippled, but DJI assures us all the missing functions will be handled by firmware updates in 2022. This doesn't change the fact they are selling an incomplete product.

    Even with Apple hardware and software, the FCPX change logs indicate that FCPX was finally optimized for the M1 silicon with FCPX 10.6 - released October, 2021, a good 11 months AFTER the M1 was released. The FCPX support pages still list all the plug ins that don't work on the M1. If APPLE didn't make FCPX M1 compatible for 11 months and STILL hasn't gotten all the plug ins working (Adobe is in the same situation with Premiere, Photoshop and AE where their M1 versions are still missing features and functions compared with the Intel versions). Then it does strike me as a bit unfair that Ignite 2021.1 - released in April - is being lambasted by you for a compatibility issue with a revision of FCP released in October.

    I don't think the FXhome dev team has a time machine to look at future software revisions from other companies. Or, if they DO have a time machine, only Javert gets to use it and he's only allowed to look at future movie trailers to plan ahead on tutorials.

    Point being that any maker of a product, whether hardware or software is entitled to change or discontinue their own product, at any time, without warning, and, no, users of older products are not entitled to discounts on new things. I personally happened to buy a GoPro Hero 6, 31 days before the Hero 7 was announced - at a lower price than the 6 - and 45 days before the Hero 7 released. The 31 days is important to this story. It was the day AFTER I could return the Hero 6. I'm sure if I had contacted GoPro and told them they owed me the $100 difference in price between the Hero 6 and Hero 7 someone in the Support department would have snorted coffee from their nostrils.

    Several times I've had to buy a new phone or tablet because because a certain Android product hadn't been updated to current versions of the Android OS and certain apps didn't work anymore. Lenovo isn't obligated to give me a discount on a newer model because the older model can't stream Netflix anymore.

    FXhome continues to make Ignite available to owners. They might even put out a 2021.2 update to address current concerns. However, if FXhome is making changes to the product line and expanding or changing Ignite I submit they pulled Ignite from the site specifically to not have people "buy for Xmas" just before the new whatever comes out, in an effort to avoid possibly angering other people. FXhome has been historically excellent at making discontinued product's Installers available for owners. Here you can see owners of Alam DV, from the distant year of 2001, can download the software again, right now.

    Which strikes me as FXhome being quite considerate when it comes to "user contracts." In fact, above I discussed how Adobe flat out shut off licenses to older products to force users to upgrade. Yeah, FXhome isn't going to do that to you. See above link for proof of THAT!

    In the meantime, Oli, above, wrote

    "... we’re working hard on improving the plugin tech, effect variety, quality, and support. We can't give details on what we're working on but I feel certain that you will be interested in what is coming."

    Which might indicate the end of Ignite, but the birth of a new and improved product - much like the old Composite Lab and Effects Lab were discontinued for Hitfilm. Who knows? The new plug in tech they're working on might sell for less than Ignite.

    But this is a typical development in any and all industries. Still no company is obliged to give "compensatory discounts" to customers when new product is released. That's the second unrealistic expectation - and justifies my plural usage in the 4th paragraph of this post.

    In the meantime I would say you can wait and see if an Ignite 2021.2 is released, or what FXhome's new/enhanced plug in product might be, else, there's a range of other companies which make FCPX plug ins if you decide you're unhappy with FXhome.

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    I think Triem wrongly assumes that FXhome/artlist has the market share/strength of adobe/apple/etc. to piss off its customers and continually bounce back.

    The argument kinda scans, but, well... FXhome/Artlist just isn't coming from the same place as those huge megacorporations.

    With a more niche user-base, fxhome really needs to watch it.