Ignite Pro Update??

Den24601 Posts: 7 Just Starting Out*

I'm getting a popup alerting me to a new Ignite Pro update. When I click on the "Download Now" button, it takes me to FX Home page. Looking under products, I no longer see Ignite Pro. What did I miss? Where is the the Ignite Pro update?



  • Den24601
    Den24601 Posts: 7 Just Starting Out*

    When I click on DOWNLOAD NOW, it takes me to the home page. Where's the update?

  • OliThompson
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    edited November 2021

    @Den24601 Thanks for bringing this to our attention - the issue is now fixed. Please head to this link and it should work. Let me know if you have any other trouble.

  • Triem23
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    @OliThompson while you've fixed the link discussed here, otherwise Ignite Pro isn't showing in the store at all?

  • OliThompson
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    @Triem23 We've removed Ignite from the FXhome website as of this update. We’re working hard on improving a number of things including the plugin tech, effect variety, quality, and support. Keep an eye on your emails for upcoming plugin news - you'll definitely be interested in what we're working on 😄

  • Triem23
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    "You'll definitely be interested in what we're working on."

    I mean, yeah - dude you've MET me! 🤪

  • ten15studios
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    I downloaded the update hoping this would fix the issue of not working since Ignite Pro 5. It has not. I had to revert to 4.1.1046. I'm on Mac with all the latest updates for macOS and FCPX.

  • OliThompson
    OliThompson Staff Posts: 167 Staff

    @ten15studios We're going to need a little more information about what issues you've encountered to find a solution. Please reach out to the technical support team directly and give as much information as you can. They'll do what they can to help: https://fxhome.com/ask

  • Reyfox1
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    Any ETA on this new release? And will Hitfilm Pro have an update notice when it's released?

  • andrewprobs
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    So is there no way to get a new serial for Ignite Pro? I just downloaded it after having used the free version of Ignite 2017 for years, and I would love to use some of the newer plugins.

  • triforcefx
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    @andrewprobs Unfortunately, you're going to have to wait for future updates. Ignite is not available for purchase anywhere.

    As a side note, many of the effects in Ignite can be found in HitFilm Express, so if you really want to use those effects right now, HitFilm might be able to help (and Pro includes ALL the Ignite effects and more).

  • Triem23
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    @andrewprobs to expand on what @triforcefx writes:

    Ignite has not been discontinued, but is currently unavailable for purchase. FXhome is continuing to develop and improve plug in tech, and is hoping to make it more affordable for all users. Stay tuned for 2022.

    That's more or less what FXhome Staff member @OliThompson posted on Nov 8.

  • rafaelcarmo
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    I downloaded the update as well, but unfornately it couldn't fix the issue that i'm having.

    I edit on FCP-X Version 10.5.4, and i don't know how, last week the plug-in just stopped to work on my timeline.

    Everytime i drop all effects on a footage, it shows the red image with an ⚠️ image.

    I already updated to the new link, but i cannot correct the problem.

    I'm supposed to deliver a music video in 2 days and i cannot use the "Lightining and Electricity" effect to intensify my idea.

    What should i do?


  • Triem23
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    @rafaelcarmo you're probably going to need to contact Support.

    Before contacting Support, please read the following. It lists information the Support team will need.

    Bear in mind this forum is mostly users amd, unless you're lucky enough to have a MAC user running FCPX with Ignite Pro reading this thread who had had the same problem and figured out a solution (unlikely, because you added onto a thread about when the next Ignite update will come out and didn't make an "I'm having this problem" thread.), you're not going to get a solution here.

    The 10.5.4 FCPX update came out in June 2021. The last Ignite update was also summer 2021. If this combination has worked for you for the last six months and only started failing in the last week or so then this points to you changing something on your computer in the last week.

    December 13 Apple released updates for iOS. Did you download and install this OS update? If so, that's probably related to the issue.

    Anyways, assume for the moment that Support will NOT get you up and running with Ignite in time. What else can you do?

    Might I suggest you download Hitfilm Express? It's free (you can turn the Pay What You Will slider to $0) and has the same lightning effect as in Ignite. You can either export some of your FCPX Timeline and bring that into Hitfilm to add the lightning, or create lightning in Hitfilm, export it and bring it into FCPX to composite over your footage. This isn't a perfect solution, but it's the one that can have you creating lightning 10 minutes after you read this sentence, rather than waiting for Support to get back to you.