The Setup Wizard is not downloading...

Hi... The Hitfilm Express setup wizard seems to be operating, but the progress bar is not moving. I left it all night and it didn't go up. The wizard must not be downloading properly, I guess? Anyone know what this might be? Thanks!


  • triforcefx
    triforcefx United StatesPosts: 1,480 Moderator

    If you haven’t canceled it yet, cancel it, restart your computer, and try again. From my understanding, the installer doesn’t download anything, everything it needs comes in the installer. It should take 20 min tops even on an older hard drive. If it hangs again, you may need to redownload the installer, preferably on a different browser from last time.

  • Triem23
    Triem23 Posts: 20,595 Ambassador

    What browser are you using? If a second attempt to download hangs, this will be good to know.