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lbigfoot Posts: 1 Just Starting Out

I am very new and I have prepared three YouTube videos: Stories behind the stamps - YouTube

I have an idea for an Outro but I have no idea how to even go about starting. Maybe there is a template or something available?

I was thinking of having an already open book showing text like:

  • Thank you for watching
  • Don't forget to Like and Subscribe
  • ...and comment, of course
  • ...and share, sharing is caring

The book closes with "The End"


  • Arpit
    Arpit Posts: 65 Enthusiast

    Getting a template is waste of time, they kill your creativity. I recommend you to watch some YouTube tutorials for creating a YouTube outro, but for other video, not for hitfilm, then you will understand it yourself on how to create that in hitfilm. And it will also develop your creativity. Then after doing this all, try to create a outro that matches your channel's theme, without watching a tutorial.

    Yes, you can get some templates to just reference it with yours, but do not copy.

    To get templates, just search "YouTube outro templates for hitfilm " On YouTube, then you will have a pretty good amount of them.

  • tddavis
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    @lbigfoot You might be able to find a usable template here:

    I do doubt that you will find any that resemble what you describe but it might help point the way. Hope it helps.