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Okay, I'm stumped. I have scoured all the discussions about this, and have viewed Axel's great tutorial. But I cannot for the life of me get any transitions to work for me.

I have dragged a slide transition dead center onto two one clip may slide away as another slides in. However, when it reaches the join between two clips, the previous clip disappears straight away leaving blackness. Not a smooth transition.

And yes, I have studied the controls for each transition......and I have attempted to drag one side of the transition one way or the other so that the timing is right, but for whatever reason this just enlarges the transition. I am unable to make just one side of it longer. Both sides seem to expand together, making no difference to the transition at all.

I have Hitfilm Pro 14.......but I feel I am just doing something incorrectly. Axel's tutorial showed he could drag one side of the transition.........but I cannot :(

Any suggestions? Thanks!


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    If the first clip goes to blackness at the transition center over two clips then this is probably quite simple. The first clip ran out of frames to show. You were probably near the end of the media file or composite shot.

    You can think of the transition across two clips as extending the two clips. The first/left clip extended to the right and the second/right clip extended to the left. Those extended frames are used in the transition on the opposite side of the edit boundary. If the second clip is the front of the media file or composite shot, then nothing/black will be the frames for the second clip. The opposite for the first/left clip. If that clip is the end of media or the end of a composite shot, then nothing/black are the frames beyond the edit boundary. Unfortunately Hitfilm does not give any warning/indication when a transition is attempting to access frames that are not available.


    Hold the shift key down while dragging one of the transition edges to asymmetrically change the transition duration.

    Originally Hitfilm only performed asymmetric transition durations. This made creating symmetric transition durations a real tedious process. Symmetric really is the common thing IMO. The default resize now is symmetric with asymmetric using a modifier key. So the tutorial you watched may have been before the feature change or the tutorial was just not trying to show all possible adjustment modes.

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    Hey thanks for that! Yes, the only thing I was not aware about was the "Shift" key function. It now works perfectly!

    Thanking you very muchly! :)

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    @NormanPCN Whatever else the problem was it's not the clip ending too soon. Or having nothing at the beginning because it's the start of the clip.

    Hitfilm holds the last frame (or first if the second clip was at its start) during the length of the transition. Or it will use as many frames as the clip actually has before holding that last/first frame. E.g. a 20 frame transition with only 10 frames of a clip left = those 10 frames + the last frame held for the next 10 frames.

    Dragging a short clip onto the timeline twice and dropping a cross dissolve between them and stretching it out over a few seconds will show this fairly clearly.

    It's actually an improvement on Vegas, which only allows you to hold the end of a clip over a transition - if you turn Looping off - but not the start, so the second clip in a transition will always have movement. Unless you save a single frame, stretch it out and use that for the transition - which I've had to do on occasion.