Chroma key not working

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Hi I downloaded Express and then paid for Chroma key add on. Tutorial says to drag onto clip in timeline - however nothing is happening ? Also all the tutorials lay out is different than the lay out I have on screen.


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    @eddoble The Chroma Key effect says " [Layer Only] ", which means you'll need to right click on your footage and select Make Composite Shot. Then your footage is in a layer and you can put whatever image or footage on a layer below to be revealed in the key.

    [Edit] You can avoid using the Chroma Key 'layer only" issue by using Color Difference Key. That will work with raw footage on the timeline without having to make a comp shot. To clean up edges, don't forget about the Matte Enhancement effects group. Spill Removal is pretty handy along with Matte Cleaner. Both will work with Color Difference Key on the timeline.

  • eddoble
    eddoble Posts: 2 Just Starting Out