Is there a way to hide the starting screen "News"

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I have paid for the full version of the software.

I do not want to be begged to leave a review on Facebook and to follow on Instagram.

I do not want to see the cringe YouTube videos/tutorials.

I do not want to see adverts.



I open the software.

I really do not understand why you would want to ruin such a good piece of software with something like this. I would understand if it was in the FREE version of the software.. but in the PAID, PRO version? That is supposed to be used by filmmakers and professionals in the field? I do not think it would even be a question you would have to ask at this point.

The graphical design of this software is great, don't get me wrong here.

But in my opinion. It appears, and IS - extremely unprofessional. I have been using this software for years now and I really think this needs a change. I am getting absolutely sick of seeing dumb childish videos and adverts every single time I want to use the software. You would think that the LITERAL FIRST THING YOU SEE WHEN YOU OPEN THE PROGRAM, would not be - just an afterthought. Utterly insane.

Is there any way to hide it? I have tried to sift through all of the settings, and have found no solution.

If not,


I kindly request a feature that allows me to hide all of the advertisements shown in the starting screen. You can replace it with a logo and some text- or whatever you will.

As long as it's all gone, I'm happy.

Thank you.



  • Triem23
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    You can always do what I've done - make a batch of "starting template" projects living in a folder on my desktop at varied resolutions and frame rates, also all set up with varied media and/or comp shots pre set for whatever task (i.e. I have a different template set up for setting up 3D models than for mograph)

    Starting Hitfilm by double clicking the template bypasses the splash screen and the new project screen AND means (3D model example) that my camera, 3-point lighting, test backgrounds and basic planes all load in ready to go meaning I don't have to set all that up. That saves me a minute each time.

    Your chances of getting the devs to remove the splash screen are about zero.