Can I change the download destination?

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I was wondering if its possible to change the location hitfilm is downloaded to. Every time I download it I don't have the option to choose where its going to be downloaded. So it ends up getting downloaded onto my (C:) drive which has almost no space left :/



  • Triem23
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    The "download" destination for the installer will be the location set in your web browser.

    To change the installation location of Hitfilm, you select "Custom Installation" when running the installer. This will let you select an install location.

    Note, no matter what, almost a gigabyte of data will be used on your C:. This is a Windows thing. Some files just have to go into the OS file tree.

    Once Hitfilm is installed you'll need to go into the File>Options menu and check the varied tabs. Hitfilm uses varied cache and database files, which go onto the C: by default. In the File>Options menu you'll be able to assign custom folders for caches, databases, Proxies, pre renders, autosave files, etc.