Why no grab handles on the text tool box to resize/move (single corners)?

jeff_fl Posts: 3 Just Starting Out

You can drag it around but to resize it you have to double - click and set a numerical value for the x,y sizes. Am I missing something?



  • Andy001z
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    I think it depends on how you created the text in the first place. If use the add text and just type it you won't have the resize options to drag. But if you draw a text box first you will.

  • jeff_fl
    jeff_fl Posts: 3 Just Starting Out
    Thank you for the response. You are correct, but I guess I wasn't clear on the question. I should have said when trying to edit existing text. It looks like you can right click, select properties, and change the bounding box in a dialog (numerically), but no handles at that point. Would really be nice to just have handles when the text box shows up.
  • pbattersby
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    @jeff_fl There is a way to drag a text box to make it bigger or smaller, even for existing text. To get a drag handle to show up, you select the text item in the timeline, then within the viewer, click the "A" symbol to make the text editable. Then at the bottom right corner of the text box, is a tiny handle that you can drag to resize the text box.