Video editing controller, Loupedeck in combination with hitfilm?

gvanaco Posts: 3 Just Starting Out*

The video editing controller from Loupedeck (CT) is he usefull for working with hitfilm (express, pro)?

I would like to buy the controller with Hitfilm Pro, but I cant't find any anser, video, tutorial, that the combination works.

Have somebody expiriënce in using a video controller in combination with hitfilm?

I find proof and plugins for other editing software, but I like hitfilm and I don't wan't to use other software.

Any advice, youtube tutorial, anser is welcome.


  • Triem23
    Triem23 Posts: 20,073 Ambassador

    The Loupedeck, ultimately, is a USB "keyboard" where you assign your own keyboard shortcuts to the keys and dials of the Loupedeck. I have a friend who uses one (including programing Hitfilm keys) and it works well. The software doesn't ship with a Hitfilm template, but there's no reason you can't program your own buttons.

    I use a contour shuttle pro 2 - a similar type of device - and it works great. I just had to assign the Hitfilm keyboard shortcuts to the shuttle pro's buttons and dials.