Video editing controller, Loupedeck in combination with hitfilm?

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The video editing controller from Loupedeck (CT) is he usefull for working with hitfilm (express, pro)?

I would like to buy the controller with Hitfilm Pro, but I cant't find any anser, video, tutorial, that the combination works.

Have somebody expiriënce in using a video controller in combination with hitfilm?

I find proof and plugins for other editing software, but I like hitfilm and I don't wan't to use other software.

Any advice, youtube tutorial, anser is welcome.


  • Triem23
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    The Loupedeck, ultimately, is a USB "keyboard" where you assign your own keyboard shortcuts to the keys and dials of the Loupedeck. I have a friend who uses one (including programing Hitfilm keys) and it works well. The software doesn't ship with a Hitfilm template, but there's no reason you can't program your own buttons.

    I use a contour shuttle pro 2 - a similar type of device - and it works great. I just had to assign the Hitfilm keyboard shortcuts to the shuttle pro's buttons and dials.

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    I disagree first of all that there is one proper way to do it. You could also shoot interviews and formulate a kind of "script" post facto based on what speaks to you. Start with the radio edit. What is the video trying to say? What is the messaging? Then ask where are those words coming from? Voice over? Text on screen? Cobbled together interview bites? Scene work? Laying in picture is the easy / fun part. Assembling the radio edit is primary, but it needn't be scripted 100% at the outset.

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