Hit Film Express 17 (2021.2) running super slow

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So, I just upgraded from Hit Film Express 16 (2021.1) to Hit Film Express 17 (2021.2) , and the performance dropped to levels that made it impossible for me to get any work done. The program would regularly freeze for multiple seconds, and I'd experience HEAVY lag when dragging objects around.

I then downgraded back to Hit Film Express 16 (2021.1), and the performance was up to normal levels again.

Is anyone else experiencing this? And what's up with this?


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    @Sehremis A number of reports from Users have been coming in about this and other odd errors. The Development team is asking that all who are affected to please submit a ticket with as much detailed info listed in this post as possible. None of the test machine in the offices have the issue and it is proving very hard to find a common factor which is why they are asking for set-up info from affected Users. A support ticket can be initiated here:


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    Okay. I wrote a ticket with my technical details. My PC is pretty good, less than a year old, so running into performance issues like this is not really acceptable.

    Good luck getting this sorted out =^,^=

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    @romitesur You are posting to an old thread with unrelated content. Please respond you are a real person.