Reusable video editing template?

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Hi folks, I've done a fair bit of looking around and can't find an answer, here's what I'm trying to do;

I'm editing stream clips for YT Shorts and TikTok, so I use the same video twice on 2 video tracks, crop one to the top for my facecam and the other center for my game content. It's labourious to do this individually for the hundreds of clips I'm using, so I was wondering if there's a way I can set it up to have a template for this, i.e. whatever clip is put on track Video 1 is zoomed in top right (for facecam), and whatever is in track 2 is zoomed in center for game content.

I'm new to video editing so I appreciate your help a great deal

Currently using HitFilm Express.


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  • eebledeezo
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    Perfect! Pretty much exactly what I was looking for, thanks for your help!
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