Reusable video editing template?

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Hi folks, I've done a fair bit of looking around and can't find an answer, here's what I'm trying to do;

I'm editing stream clips for YT Shorts and TikTok, so I use the same video twice on 2 video tracks, crop one to the top for my facecam and the other center for my game content. It's labourious to do this individually for the hundreds of clips I'm using, so I was wondering if there's a way I can set it up to have a template for this, i.e. whatever clip is put on track Video 1 is zoomed in top right (for facecam), and whatever is in track 2 is zoomed in center for game content.

I'm new to video editing so I appreciate your help a great deal

Currently using HitFilm Express.


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    Based on what I’m understanding of what you’re trying to do, create a new project with the project settings the way you want them. I would create 2 composite shots at the same resolution that you’re recording your footage at to use as “containers”. Set these composites to be at least as long as your longest shorts, plus some margin for possible longer videos (trust me, it will be easier that way). In the editor timeline, position the composites however you like, add any overlays or effects that you’re going to use regularly/every time, then save your project. I would save it twice in two different places in case you accidentally save over your template. For maximum ease of use, save the project to your desktop and click the project to open HitFilm straight into your new project. AS SOON AS THE PROJECT OPENS, USE “SAVE AS” TO SAVE IT AS A NEW PROJECT so you don’t overwrite your template. Trim your clips in the trimmer, then drop them into their respective composite shots. On the editor, just trim the comps to fit your content and you should be good to go. Hope that works for you!