Can i use camtrack AR in Hitfilm express or do i need to upgrade?

Can i use camtrack AR in Hitfilm express or do i need to upgrade?


  • Triem23
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    I don't use CamtrackAR (I'm Android), but Express was able to import .ma format camera tracker data since the beginning and the CamtrackAR Comp Shot is just a camera and nulls, so I'll just say there's no reason CamtrackAR shouldn't work with Express.

    I say just give it a try. CamtrackAR is free, Express is free. Test it out. If it works, then you can consider upgrading to the paid CamtrackAR and/or getting Express add-ons/Pro.

  • laconstantedeplanck
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    @thesaucepan Hi! Welcome to the FXHome forum. I use CamTrackAR and HitFilm Express and it works great. CamTrackAR just create a composite shot (the .hfcs file) with a 3D camera, the anchor points you put during the setup process and the footage itself. So it will work on either HitFilm Express or Pro. Depending on which CamTrackAR version you have (the free version or the paid one), you might have additional stuff. I highly recommend you to buy the app, as it allows you to do real-time green screening, adding 3D models and use multiple anchor points :)

    Beware iPhone and iPad footage shot with the camera app itself will be VFR (variable frame rate), so you'll need to transcode it to CFR (constant frame rate), BUT footage from the CamTrackAR app surprisingly is already CFR so no further work will be needed. This might be interesting to you @Triem23 as it seems the VFR question appears from time to time here on the forum.