Hitfilm lagging when using mpeg 4 videos

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Hi guys! I have been recently using Hitfilm express, and it works fine, except when I try to edit stock videos. Mainly downloaded from pexels, they are in mp4 format, and when I drag one to the timeline, it starts to excessively lag. Every video takes at least 8 seconds (I've counted) to charge, and the cursor takes a whole life to move when I want to put it somewhere. And when I add just a little effect, Hitfilm litterally crashes. I've already done some research, but it was pretty unclear to me, plus most people seemed to say the mp4 format was bad because of the quality it gives, not because it makes their hitfilm crash. I've read many things about the dn x hd format, for example, but that's really not my cup of tea, so I prefer to ask here for a clear answer about what I could try. I've already tried to change the resolution while opening the file, but it didn't make any difference. I even cleaned out my computer, and I've got a lot of empty space. But same, no difference.

Here are my specs:

Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-5200U CPU @ 2.20GHz  2.20 GHz

4,00 Gb of ram

64 based processor

Windows 10


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    You can try transcoding your video to try to improve performance. This video, at 23:40 covers transcoding with Handbrake using settings developed and tested by @NormanPCN for speedy performance in Hitfilm.

    Try updating your GPU drivers.

    Ultimately, if you don't have a dedicated GPU you didn't list, you are barely scraping minimum specs for Hitfilm, and will likely have slow performance, no matter what.

    Consider reverting to Hitfilm 15. HF 16 raised specs, so you might have a little more leeway in 15. Next time Hitfilm's min specs raise you're going to be under spec. You can download old installers here.

    Note you'll have to do a full uninstall to revert to an earlier build.

    Projects begun in HF 17 (2021.2) cannot open in earlier versions. You'll have to start your project from scratch.

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    Could you please confirm whether the footage has imported correctly in the timeline? There are currently two known slow-downs, and this sounds like the one we are aware of, which can be fixed by disabling the thumbnails in the editor window (make the tracks smaller).