Animate a curved, wiggly line moving and changing shape in Hitfilm Express?

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Is there any way that I can animate moving lines in Hitfilm Express like in this video:

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    Yes, but you most likely will need the VFX: Neon Lights add on to get the Neon Path effect.

    Neon Path allows you to have a glowing line (but you can turn the glow off) follow a mask path (the path can be left open).

    There are other methods but they are all much more "janky" to work with and you won't actually have fine control over the shape of the curved line.

    The VFX: Neon Lights pack is $19.99

    Now, a more cost effective option is to return to the Pay What you Want page and grab the "VFX ARTIST" tier. That's $39, but gets you Dark Mode, VFX: Starter, Edit: Starter, Color: Starter, Edit: Beautify, Edit: Repair, Color:LUT, VFX: Lighting, Motion: Audio-visual, Composite: Pro Keying, Composite: Toolkit, and the VFX: Neon Lights, AND 20% of your price goes to charity.

    One add-on for $20 or twelve add-ons and Dark Mode for $40? I'd spend the $40.

    You can test Neon Path before you buy the add-on, but your Export render will have a big watermark.

    If you check out this tutorial, it'll show you how to set up Neon Path to follow an open mask. You'll want to adjust certain settings differently in the Neon Path (like turning glow to 0 and adjusting the fade so your line is constant), but, from here you should be able to figure out the rest.

    Masking in Hitfilm has changed a bit since that tutorial was made, so let me add in some masking tutorials.

    This one is a little obsolete in terms of the interface, but remains the most recent comprehensive tutorial..

    Here's two good ones from @FilmSensei

    Since Jay (Sensei) made those, there have been two changes to masking in Hitfilm. The first is Box, Circle and Shape masks are the same button - so you click and hold whichever one you currently see and choose the type from the pop up. The second is a great change for you, and happened in Hitfilm 2021.2. Now you ONLY close a mask by clicking on the first point. Earlier versions of Hitfilm would auto-close masks when returning to edit after closing, which you won't want.

    Like I said at the top of this post, there are other approaches, but they'll be a lot harder to set up and you won't have full control over the shape, so Neon Path is the way to go. 👍

    Finally, you'll see I rewrote your headline to be a bit more detailed. 👍