Reverse time effect and tracking

Okay. I have a clip that I once play normally and after that play backwards. Ive used the tracker because I want some objects to stay at a certain position. But when I reverse the clip with the 'time reverse' effect, the tracking data does not reverse. Is there a way to reverse time on a 'point' object?




  • Triem23
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    I'm not on a computer to check, so this first idea might not work.

    Right click the time reversed clip, select "Make Composite Shot," and move effects with the clip.

    Pre-render this Comp and try to track that.

    You might not be able to track an embedded comp shot, so your next option is to render the reversed clip, import and track.

    You can't reverse the tracking data.

  • tubbiscrubbinubbi
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    Thanks for thinking out of the box, but in my case that is not really possible because of irregularities in tracking it for the second time. Things sadly don't line up as they should. I hope the devs look at this because to me it seems like an unnecessary problem.
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    @tubbiscrubbinubbi If you want to get this in front of the devs, please open a support ticket.

  • premiere_studios
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    @Triem23 I do not believe you can track composite shots. However your second Approach would work.

    In Hitfilm Pro 2021.2 can you export points with the camera as .fbx files? because you could put that into Blender, reverse the keyframes and then pipe that back into Hitfilm

  • Triem23
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    @premiere_studios I haven't tried FBX (camera) import/export, but, if it doesn't export the points, you could... Copy the position data from the tracked point directly to the camera, I think. A Blender wash is a clever idea. Nice one!

  • assen
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    There is a solution. Sorry for my poor English, but I use Google Translate.

    Open the point layer in which the movement is recorded, select the keyframes and copy them with Ctrl + C. Then you go to the video that needs to be reversed and at translation or anchor point you paste them. Then you convert this layer to Composite Shot by selecting transform properties move with layer. You can then make some additional motion adjustments if it goes out of the frame or increase the width and height of this composite. You return to the previous composite and put the reverse effect on it.