Hitfilm all of a sudden running incredibly slow

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whenever im previewing footage in the viewer its completely fine, but every time i move something in the timeline or make a keyframe for any transform or just do anything in general it hangs for 3-4 seconds before performing the action whilst a few months back i could do anything just fine.

my specs are:

Ryzen 7 3700x 8-core

RTX 2060 running at a slight underclock due to it being a piece of **** that is actively trying to end its life

32gb ram

and hitfilm is running off of an SSD with about 70gb free space to cache stuff.

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  • HazBo87
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    Sorry to bombard your thread Duchey but I've just scoured the forum and came across a suggestion to disable Timeline Caching (file>options>cache>disable timeline cache)
    It seems to have stopped my issues *fingers crossed*


  • HazBo87
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    Duchery I'm having exactly the same problem since the latest big update (update 17?)

    Performance was great then after the update, boom, anything from adding text to making keyframes i get the 3 or so second hang.

    Hitfilm and the associated footage is on my main drive which is a m.2 drive with plenty of space.

    Rocking a Ryzen 5600x

    1070 founders gfx card

    16gb ram

    So...yeah I would also like some help in this regards lol. I havnt tried creating proxies yet as i have never had to touch them before, so if it helps narrow down the issue I always select "Do not create proxies". I have another video coming up and will experiment with creating performance ones BUT I'd be annoyed if I had to as its never been an issue before now.

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  • HazBo87
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    Think I've narrowed down when the problem starts. So importing recordings and then adding them directly to the timeline with no modifications in the trimmer seems to cause no issues, I can add text, fade stuff etc with no lag.


    Selecting the clip then using the trimming window to select start/end points and THEN adding to the timeline causes the beginning of all the issues.
    Hope this helps narrowing a potential fix
  • Duchey
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    i've never in my life used the trimming window, and i've got the problem. so thats probably not the cause in my case.

    could be related to the update though, i could test it but i dont know a way to roll back updates.

    and uh, dont touch the proxies. i tried using the high quality ones and all it did was deepfry my footage. now there's just a layer of static noise layered over everything that wasn't there before this update.

  • Duchey
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    aye that fixed literally every stutter.

    i cannot even begin to understand why that was causing it but you know what its fine probably.

    it works, that counts right?

  • Stargazer54
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    @Duchey @HazBo87 You may have stumbled onto some fringe issue with HF 17. Definitely recommend you open a ticket with FXHome Support so that the devs will have an opportunity to look at the details and provide a potential fix in subsequent updates.