[FEATURE] Adjust overall UI color.

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I just really wish that I could change the overall Hitfilm UI color as a whole so that it is a lighter color of White.

If you really need a reason other than it'd just be nice to have...

Right now the Hitfilm Pro UI is that Trendy dark color. The only reason that I even liked it at first was because it Contrasts against the Wall color behind my Monitor and my initial thought was, oh... that makes everything a bit dull and easier to look at when I'm color correcting and such. The only problem with a dark ui, from a personal artistic and visual standpoint is eyeballing the mixing of colors and values. Right now, it is visually a lot more comfortable for me to use Hitfilm Express, simply because of the lighter UI. I can mix colors and values correctly and easily by just eyeballing it the way I do when I paint a portrait which is on the spot and right away because my eyes aint being soothed and dulled by a Dark UI.

I need/want to be able to change the ui color, at the very least I want to be able to change the black and white intensity so that I can tweak the UI to look closer to the color White of regular writing paper, graph paper and a painting canvas. You know?.. something White or at least closer to it.

When I paint scenery or a portrait, which is in full daylight obviously... I don't mix oil paint colors on a brown colored wooden pallet... I use a White pallet. I certainly don't use a Black or dark gray pallet either to mix colors because the colors will not look the same when painted on the canvas, and this varies and depends on the color of the Pallet. I need more lite/light.

Please and thankyou. 😀


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    Y'know, I've never checked the actual background color of the interface before, but it's 38, 40, 42 - so a kind of a dark, slightly cool gray.

    I'll agree with this - not that I want the Hitfilm Express color, which I find is too bright, but because I'd really like a true-neutral 128, 128, 128 gray.

    *Insert long rambling discussion of "simultaneous contrast" here for how UX color can affect apparent colors in the viewer, with the classic illustration...*

    Since, right now, "Dark Mode" is part of an add-on bundle, I'll just say such a UX customization feature could be Pro-Exclusive.

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    Express has a light and dark mode.

    Not something that I say to other artists or even bother to say to people pretending to be an artist or a digital artist because this is a "to each their own" type thing... I'll do it my way and everybody else can do as they please.

    but here's my logic, since I've been painting ever since I was in diapers.

    While most every artist will choose the wooden pallet below... just because it is kinda cool looking and traditional, I would choose the white pallet, again because it is much easier on the eyes to mix colors correctly on a pallet which has a color that resembles the surface/canvas which you're painting on. When you're painting on a white canvas, it is much easier to mix colors and is much more accurate on a white pallet.

    A pallet that is a darker color absorbs more light and color causing you to overcompensate when mixing paint colors. The same thing happens if you color correct in a dark room and the same thing happens when you color correct in software with a dark UI.

    In a program with a dark UI, you have to rely on correction tools like the "Scopes" effect in Hitfilm. My eyes are really good and I'd rather do it by eye which is way faster and more comfortable for me than relying on Scopes.

    The UI doesn't have to go to full blown white... I'd settle for a mid gray but if the Hitfilm UI's color could increase from a mid 128' 128' 128' to 25% more white... well that would be absolutely fantastic.

    Here's a few pics of my Filmer/blender UI. It is lighter than Dark mode but darker than Light mode. With the lighter Grey tones of the Filmer/blender UI, I can dial in Shaders and colors very quickly. It's like simulating/faking a slightly and evenly overcast day which is naturally soothing to the eyes.

    You guys asked me over on my thread back in 2016, why all of my 3D models had all material and light settings to a mid Grey of 128' 128' 128'... well this is why... because it is a bazillion times easier to dial in colors, values and everything else.

    Here's my Material creation and Shading UI.

    Here's the compositing UI with a Black background.

    Here's the compositing UI with a lighter Grey background.

    But yeah, although this is selfish and I want it just because I want it for personal artistic reasons... This will be very helpful for all artists

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    @spydurhank I think you'd actually be happier with a gray near 128, but, reread my above post - the Hitfilm "Dark Mode" interface is actually down in the 40's - below 25%! I didn't specify Dark Mode in my prior post, so that's my error. 👍

    I see your logic in the "mix on white," and think you're hoping for about a 75% gray, while I'd like a 50% gray. Either way, we agree we'd like a little more control over the values of the interface. I Voted Up 😁

  • spydurhank
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    Yup, I know about the background color, Thanks.

    Hmm, I said I'd settle for mid-gray in my post directly above. And only because it'd be alright when mixing colors at Midday while in a fully lit room. Mid Gray although a good starting point, it aint that great for mixing color in every lighting situation because I'm using the available light of the Daytime which is coming through the windows in my room.

    What I'd really and actually be happy with is that during the day I need the UI to be closer to White but what I'd be pretty cool with is if the UI could go from a value of 128' 128' 128' up to at least 216' 216' 216'.

    Right now, mid gray is really good during the Daytime being in a room with open windows and fully lit by daylight, say around High Noon.

    I'd prefer the UI to be Whiter because it is much, much easier, and faster for me personally, to play with colors. Then I'd be able to easily change the UI intensity, depending on the Light of the shot that I'm working on.

    I'm doing a UI color comparison between Filmer/b3d, Hitfilm Pro, Hitfilm Express, and Vegas Effects.

    the Hitfilm Express UI is almost perfect if you're stuck in a cubicle or in a dark room with no Sunlight coming in but it is pretty good during the midday.

    What would be perfect for me is to be able to go to full White... no lie... this is the best for mixing colors during the day.

    Colors mix really easily and they'll look the same coming from a White Pallet onto a White Canvas. In real life we have a bazillion colors to choose from. In a computer, there is a color limit in bits of information for 3 colors and an alpha channel, and that depends on your machine, whether it has a 32 bit OS or a 64 bit OS. Colors on a computer are exactly like working with a limiting pallet... but it aint nothing that you can't get around with a few clever tricks.

    Working or painting and or mixing colors on a computer is like painting a portrait with a pallet of only 3 colors so it is actually very easy to mix colors if you already know how to paint.