[ENHANCEMENT] Proxies applied to clips on Timeline. (Hitfilm does this)

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We apply proxies to make the files on the viewer window faster, why not applying the same strategy for the clips that are on the timeline as well, so, when we start editing them, they can be played faster.

I know we can create the timeline cache after adding effects so clips can be played faster, however, when I just edit clips without adding any effect, I still need to do the timeline cache to make clips play in real-time.

That's why I suggest when I apply proxies on the clips, they are automatically applied in the timeline as well especially when there are no effect applied on them, so, the editing process will be faster.



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    @mabdelbary If you right click a Timeline clip you actually have the option to select Performance, Quality or No Proxy for any clip on the Timeline individually.

    A proxy produces an optimized and lower res version of a clip to speed playback. The proxy is already in use on the Timeline. The Timeline CACHE is a second layer of speed up, but is there to further speed editing by "baking in" any effects applies to the Timeline clips (proxies or not) or any multi layer/multi track composites using multiple clips.

    I'm going to tag in @TheBenNorris to confirm, but I think this thread is going to be closed with the "Hitfilm already does this" note in the headline.

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    @Triem23 Thanks for your reply Triem, I found the option on the clip as well. You can close the discussion now.

    Thanks again!!

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